Construction Delivery Process

Construction can be a very complex process, depending on the scope, scale and circumstances of the project at hand. Understanding how to structure your construction project in the best way to ensure success and avoid unnecessary disputes, delays or failures can be critical. Determining the most effective means of structuring the construction delivery process for your needs depends on a variety of factors — experience in construction contracts and delivery processes being one of the most important.

For owners and developers with more experience in construction projects, simply securing a general contractor who can oversee the project may be the most appropriate approach. For less experienced owners/developers, a construction manager can help guide the project in a more comprehensive way than a general contractor can provide.

There are many different construction delivery methods and processes that can be used. It is crucial to the success of your construction project that you choose the right one. We can help you make the best choice for your particular project.

We provide assistance with selecting and formulating construction delivery methods and processes, through the review and negotiation of various construction contracts and delivery methods such as:

  • Traditional lump sum
  • Cost-plus
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Multi-Prime
  • Design/build
  • Owner/architect
  • Construction management

Experience Handling Multimillion-Dollar Claims

At Law Office of Brad Scarbrough, PLC, our attorneys have decades of combined experience helping owners and developers position their construction projects for success. We can help you understand how you need to structure the construction delivery process of your project to ensure the smooth and successful completion of the project. Our experience with construction contracts allows us to help you secure the support you need on terms that are advantageous to you and the timely and successful completion of your project.

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