Lien Claims, Bond Claims, And Payment Claims And Disputes

Securing the payment you deserve can be one of the more challenging aspects of working in the construction industry. Different types of disputes can arise, and parties sometimes refuse to make payment. Also, financial instability of various parties oftentimes makes collection of the funds you are owed very difficult.

A main focus of our firm is ensuring that our clients get paid. We utilize several tools to achieve that, including:

  • Liens — Perfecting a lien can be a complex process. Our experience with liens means that we are able to effectively navigate the lien process for our clients to protect their right to payment.
  • Bonds — When nonpayment occurs, making a claim against a surety bond may be the most effective means of securing the payment you are owed. We frequently assist our clients with the bond claim process to secure payment.
  • Payment claims — Our experience in commercial litigation allows us to offer real assistance to clients whose payment claims are not able to be secured by a lien or bond.

Experience Handling Multimillion-Dollar Claims

At Law Office of Brad Scarbrough, PLC, our firm has many years of experience helping clients in the construction industry obtain the payment they are owed. General contractors, specialty trade contractors, suppliers and other professionals need to be paid in a timely fashion for their businesses to continue to remain strong. We offer a tremendous depth of experience and knowledge of construction law and construction litigation that assists us in implementing the most effective and efficient means for contractors and other construction professionals to secure the payment they contracted for at the outset of the project.

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Securing the payment you deserve can be an unfortunately difficult part of the construction business. Our firm can help you effectively pursue the payment you deserve. To schedule an initial consultation, call 615-866-0280 or contact us online.

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