Construction Law Transactions

Specialty contractors, suppliers, other construction professionals and real estate owners/developers need representation they can depend on when disputes occur. The construction industry is one where disputes can easily occur on a daily if not hourly basis. Many factors can impact a construction project. Work delays, delayed delivery of supplies and other issues can give rise to disputes that can have a devastating impact on businesses and their owners.

Our firm delivers the highest quality of legal representation to those who need assistance with any aspect of a construction transaction, including:

Successful construction transactions benefit from skilled and experienced legal counsel to help avoid disputes and maximize profits. When disputes do arise, experienced advocates are key to successfully dealing with challenging situations in the most efficient means available.

Experience Handling Multimillion-Dollar Claims

At Law Office of Brad Scarbrough, PLC, our firm offers a level of skill and experience to construction professionals that few other firms can match in our area. Through our focus on construction law, we have developed a highly effective skill set that our clients rely upon and have benefited from. With decades of combined experience, which includes having handled multimillion-dollar claims for our clients, we can help ensure that your construction transaction proceeds smoothly. If you are already facing construction law issues, we offer experienced construction litigation representation.

We offer our services to construction professionals throughout the state of Tennessee as well as to those from out of state who need assistance with construction law issues. We also welcome referrals from attorneys around the country.

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